Thank you for traveling with The HOST!
Please fill out this form so you can learn a bit more about our services, and we can learn any information necessary for you to have a great trip!
Please provide the name on the reservation, property address, and date of reservation:

Check-Ins are scheduled for 3pm or later. Please indicate what time you would like to schedule your check-in. You may reschedule the check-in time at any point up to 3 days before your reservation by emailing the guest concierge who sent you the email with this form. If you arrive more than 45 minutes past your check-in time, your guest concierge will have prepped the property for your arrival and will send you a virtual check-in tutorial to follow.

Are you interested in any tours or excursions during your stay? We offer discounted tours and excursions, and can schedule your for a tour at any point during your stay. *

Please describe any needs you may have during your stay (disabilities, allergies, etc.)

Will you need to drop your luggage off before your check in? Luggage can be dropped off anytime after 11am. If another guest is not checking out the same day you are checking in, your guest concierge will reach out to you about scheduling your check in before 3pm to more conveniently fit your schedule.

Will you need any additional services, such as personal shopping/fridge stocking, private transportation, laundry, or child care? Please provide specific services in answer.

Thank you for completing the HOST Guest Pre-Stay Form. We look forward to hosting your stay! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to your guest concierge to ask questions or request services.
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